Spin Text - Pre-Spun Articles in SpinTax Format

Spintax or Spin Text is related to the format normally used the content is subject to spinning. The article in spin text format is known as Pre-Spun Article. This type of content is becoming popular as more and more of our clients asking for spinnable content rather than conventional content.

How we make Spin Text Articles for you?

Spin Text articles are more than just simple article writing. Various variations of the same word are added to ensure you get fresh content everytime post on any website, blog or articles publishing websites.

Structure of Spin Text Article

Whenever you order spin text article you get an article in pre-spun format. It looks like content within {} each word or sentence separated with | between them.

There are two ways to spin an article, word level spinning and sentence level spinning. The third one is merger of both which is the most powerful spinning technique yet available.

Words Level Pre-Spun Articles

{By | After} {simply | merely | just} {adding | inserting | placing | using} {spintax | spin-text |
spin text} {characters | symbols | syntax} {you | one | we} {can | possibly can | could} {make | generate | transform} {1 | one} {Article | piece of content} {into | to} {as many | as much} {100% | completely} {Readable | readers friendly} {versions | editions} as {you like | you may like}.

Don't get scared, the publishing tools now can easily understand this type of content and publish in normal content form. So after spinning above content you will get several sentences each with unique words in it.

Sentence Level Pre-Spun Articles

Sentense spun artilces are best of their kinds to generate different versions of the same complete sentence to a number of different readable sentences. This transform 1 article into several different articles. These type of articles are also of big use for search engine optimization campaigns.

Sentence spun article in spin text format looks like

{Wriring an Article takes time and if you can only use it ONCE then its a lot of work for just ONE USE. | Article writing is a time taking work it does not worth the efforts if it is meant for one time use. | Writing a quality article is a bit tedious task to do especially when it has to be used once.}

In above examples of sentence spinning, one sentence is written in three ways. After spinning each sentence will be published at random order by the spinning software like SENuke, The Best Spinner and various other tools being used by SEO professionals worldwide.

Sentence Level + Words Level Spinning is the best technique for your search engine optimization campaigns. With the merger of these two we can create virutally unlimited amount of unique versions of articles.

Benefits of Spin-Text Articles

Duplicate content is nothing but the biggest worry for most of the SEO companies all over the world. But with pre-spun artilces this worry is a thing of old days. By Using spin text you can use content over and over without publishing duplicate content ever.

Quite Frankly if your a Blogger, Article Marketer or someone looking for more traffic nad your NOT using SPintax in your writing your missing out on the traffic the rest of us are getting!

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